Prediction Chart: Classroom Freebie!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I’m bringing to you another free classroom resource that I’ve created out of need this summer while tutoring reading students. An important part of reading comprehension is the ability to make predictions. One of the best ways to help students make accurate and thoughtful predictions is to activate their prior knowledge about a certain topic!

With that in mind, I created this “My Prediction Chart” with four different areas for the students to think about as they make a prediction:

#1: What is the topic that I’m making a prediction about?

#2: What do I already know about this topic?

#3: Based on what I already know, what do I think is going to happen next?

#4: What actually happened?

My Prediction Chart - Free Classroom Resource!

You can download a PDF copy of this free resource over at my TeachersPayTeachers store by clicking here. While you’re there, be sure to browse around my store and check out my other products as well!

Wishing you a wonderful week full of sunshine!



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