My Weekly Web Finds

Well, I’ve officially made it to the end of my 2nd week of May Term. I’m this close to finishing up my junior year, and then I’ll officially be a senior (say whaaat?)

On the bright side, I’ve got a fun weekend ahead of me spending time with my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. Wherever you are, I hope you can enjoy your weekend as well!

And in the meantime, enjoy this edition of my weekly web finds!

I love anything that’s free, and this printable spelling dictionary will come in very handy for tutoring this summer:

*FREE* Printable Spelling Dictionary

There are some great ideas in this post about how to jazz up boxed brownies:

15 ways to bring boxed brownies to the next level- perfect for a quick and easy dessert that tastes gourmet

Rhubarb Butter?! (Like apple butter, but BETTER). What a genius idea. I just might have to give this a try:

Rhubarb Butter | Tasty Kitchen.  I added a little bit of vanilla & cinnamon and used 1/2 rhubarb & strawberries and this was the most delicious jam EVER.

This class bouquet is such a cute idea to celebrate spring in the classroom:

Class Bouquet...very cute for a class display in the spring.

I so want to make this parking garage for my nephew. I know he would love it! (Then probably destroy it, but hey, it’s the thought that counts).

mommo design: DIY TOYS - shoe box garage

I’ll end today’s post with this article. If you only choose one of today’s links to follow, make it this one. It’s called “I Wish I Didn’t Want to Be a Teacher.” It’s so accurate, and it nearly brought me to tears; there were definitely goosebumps as I read it. I cannot wait to get into my own classroom and start doing what I know I already love.

I Wish I Didn't Want to be a Teacher

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all educators out there – you are truly making a difference. I am incredibly anxious to join such a distinguished group.



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