My Weekly Web Finds

Happy May Day! I cannot believe that it’s May already. Seriously, where did April go?! I’ve finished up my first week of May Term at school here – 1 down, 2 1/2 to go! But really, I’m taking research in reading this term and I am 100% enjoying it because I’m a nerd and I love reading research pertinent to education.

There are worse things though, right? 🙂

Among all the research, I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of time on Pinterest, and here’s what I’ve chosen to feature in this week’s weekly web finds!

As always, click on the light pink links to go to the original source – enjoy!

I looove that it’s rhubarb season, and this Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake is giving me a reason to love it even more:

This Readbox is such a neat idea for increasing student motivation to read:

Readbox: such a cool idea for book reports instead of having students write something. And the QR codes make it interesting for the rest of the class ... definitely have to think about using this.

I wasn’t so sure about this style of denim jacket when they first came out, but it’s really starting to grow on me:

Denim hoodie- not something i would normally wear but super cute!

I love the simplicity of this One Pan Taco Mac and Cheese Dish:

I'm a sucker for a one-pan/pot meal.  And proud to admit it!  It's because I am so busy with the kids and running errands, you know...

This is such a cute idea for celebrating half-birthdays:

My mom would always do this for us: Half birthday cake--what a great way to surprise the kids!

I’ll end today’s post with this quote because I know you all enjoy a little motivation 🙂

Start each day with a grateful heart. 100% agree. Even though you may hate going to work, some people would love to be in your shoes right now, healthy enough to go to work. Be thankful!

Have a safe and fun weekend!



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