Figurative Language Fun: Part 2

As you may recall, last week I described the figurative language unit that I’ve been working on as part of my final project for a Language Arts course.

Today, I’m bringing to you another installment in this series so you can continue to see how our unit is being developed! By next week, you’ll be able to see the unit as a whole.

But for now, this sneak peek includes a lesson I created to teach about idioms.

The lesson introduces idioms using examples from Amelia Bedelia. This is something that most students can relate to, and if not, it introduces idioms in a silly way that all students can enjoy.

The culmination of the lesson involves students choosing their own idiom to create a poster of the idiom’s literal and expressive meanings. This helps students to see how idioms are used to enhance writing.

Idioms2 Idioms

If you’re interested, you can download the full lesson plan and resources needed for it here: Idioms.

Enjoy! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week.



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