Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

I’ve recently discovered my love for designing worksheets as part of classroom activities. Did you know that are thousands of free fonts on the Internet just waiting for you to download them? Along with that, there is also hundreds of free borders and clip art. If you’ve been living under a rock like me, this is pretty exciting news.

So I’ve found my new hobby – perusing all of these freebies and using them to get creative. I’ll take any excuse to use my new tools to create a classroom resource.

As part of my tutorial sessions, I’ve created quite a few of these resources. Today’s post features a vocabulary graphic organizer that I created. This is a popular literacy strategy to help students discover more about a specific vocabulary term.

The graphic organizer has four spaces. The requirements include a definition of the word, a picture, and then the student should describe what the word is like, and what the word is not like. This helps students to delve deeper into the vocabulary term, rather than just defining it. It also allows them to make connections to their own experiences, making for a meaningful activity.

Vocab Graphic Organizer

You can download a copy of the graphic organizer for free over on my TpT store by clicking here.

Be sure to check out my other products as well – all FREE! 🙂

Have a great rest of your week!!



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