Freezer Friendly Chicken Pot Pie

The day I began this blog I knew I wanted to share one of my favorite original creations with – Chicken Pot Pie! I recently had a reason to make my chicken pot pie to share with my family members so they can store it in their freezer and just pop it in the oven when they get the craving. So with that said, I have to admit I failed miserably at taking pictures during this process. Sometimes I just get so caught up in my cooking. But, I promise that I’ll do my best to walk you through it. I did make up this recipe on my own, so feel free to modify it to fit your needs! However, if you are thinking about making homemade pot pie, your search for the perfect recipe ends here. This is where it begins: In a fry pan, sauté 1 lb. chicken breast, 2 c. mixed veggies (I used frozen), and 1/2 c. chopped onion. I added a little olive oil before the rest of the ingredients.


Let this simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Once the chicken is done, empty the contents into a large bowl.


Using the same skillet, transition into the gravy-making portion. Melt 1/3 c. butter in the pan. Add 1/3 c. flour and combine this. Remove skillet from the heat and add in 1 3/4 c. chicken broth + 2/3 c. milk. Stir this in carefully and return to heat. Now at this point, it looks a little gross. You might be wondering how in the world this could be gravy, but trust me it works.


Slowly bring the liquid to a boil, stirring constantly. Once the gravy boils, reduce the heat to low-medium. You’ll notice it starting to thicken up and that odd mixture will have magically turned into the gravy of your dreams:


Remove the skillet from the heat. Then, I added some salt, pepper, and garlic powder to season the gravy and let it cool a while. Time for the crust! Now I do make my own homemade crust, and you can, too! It’s what really makes this pot pie special. Here’s my original recipe: Mix 2 1/4 c. flour with 1 T. sugar and 1 t. salt.


Cut in 2/3 c. shortening with a pastry cutter until crumbly, like so: ???????????????????????????????

Here’s where the forgetful picture-taking comes into play. And of course, this is the point in the recipe where pictures would be most helpful… I’ll do my best to help you imagine it!

At this point, you’ll add in 1/2 cup milk and stir it in. Once the dough begins to form, you can use your hands to knead the dough. Don’t be afraid to add more flour if the dough is a little sticky. Now, depending on the size of your pie pans, you might be able to make two pies out of this recipe. I have made it all fit into a 10” deep-dish pie pan, but this time I split it up between two 8″ shallow pans. Split the dough into quarters (if making two pies) or in half (if making one pie). Roll out the bottom dough to fit the size of the pan. Fold it in half to transfer to pan and spread evenly. Add in 1/2 of the filling (if making 2 pies) or all of the filling (if making one pie – okay, you get it 🙂 )


Looks so sinful, no? But soooo worth it. At this point, I usually add some dots of butter on top. This helps with venting during the baking process and makes the top crust flakier.


Roll out the rest of the dough to make the top crust. Fold it in half, and make small slits along the fold line. Carefully transfer to place on top of the pie and unfold. Trim around the edges, and flute the bottom and top crust together, like so:


I so wish that I could have a picture of the pot pie fresh out of the oven for you, but alas I gave both of them away. So you’ll have to make it for yourself instead. 🙂 At this point, you can either bake the pie immediately or pop it in the freezer. If you choose to bake it, you’ll need to bake it at 425 F for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to 350 F and bake it for 30 more minutes. To prepare frozen pie, bake it covered for 30 minutes at 375 F, then 30 more minutes uncovered.


Here’s the full recipe:

Freezer Friendly Chicken Pot Pie

  • 2 c. frozen mixed veggies
  • 1 lb. chicken, cubed
  • 1/2 c. onion, chopped
  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 1/3 c. butter
  • 1/3 c. all-purpose flour
  • 1 3/4 c. chicken broth
  • 2/3 c. milk
  • 2 1/4 c. flour
  • 1 T. sugar
  • 1 t. salt
  • 2/3 c. shortening
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • Additional flour + butter

Sauté chicken, veggies, and onion in the olive oil until chicken is cooked through. Remove from skillet and place in in large bowl. In the same skillet, melt 1/3 c. butter. Add 1/3 c. flour and mix well. Remove from heat and add in chicken broth and milk; stir to combine. Return to heat and bring to a gentle boil, stirring constantly. Continue cooking until gravy is thickened. Mix gravy in with chicken and veggies. Set aside while making the crust. Combine flour, salt, and sugar. Cut in shortening until crumbly. Stir in milk and knead until dough forms. Roll out dough to form bottom crust. Place filling evenly into pans. Roll out remainder of dough to form top crust and seal edges. Bake immediately at 425 F for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 F for 30 more minutes. OR freeze, then to prepare frozen pie, bake at 375 F covered for 30 minutes, and then uncovered for 30 more minutes.


Nothing is quite so comforting as a homemade chicken pot pie. I highly encourage you to try it out! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Well I’m off on a mini-vacation to MN for the next few days – I’ll be checking back in on Monday.

Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week & weekend! And in the meantime, Signature


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