Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to another edition of Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Thursday

I have done my research and here are the deals that I have found!

J. Crew Factory: If you’re like me and have been living under a rock for about 3 years, then you may not know about J. Crew’s factory website. They have loads of great deals here. While it still may not be the cheapest way to obtain designer clothing, it is definitely worth taking a look at it. I typically peruse the clearance and look for any hidden treasures.

Post-Valentine’s Day Deals: If you’re in need of some candy for upcoming projects, Sunday will be the time to buy them. I know that I will be teaching a lesson soon using Hershey’s kisses, so I will definitely grab some of the Valentine’s Day clearance candy.

Michael’s: Michael’s is one of favorite places to buy yarn for my knitting projects and right now they are running a sale on Lion’s brand yarn, with their entire stock 50% off. If you’re in need of some yarn, now would be a great time to get it! Lion’s brand yarn is high quality and has worked well in all of my knitting projects.

Express: Last but surely not least, Express has 40% off all their women’s jeans, tops, and dresses. Their jeans are my absolute favorite, so it’s a great time to add some to your inventory if you’ve been wanting to do so. They have a great collection of dresses this season, too, so be sure to check those out as well. (Man, I think I should work at Express… helllooo employee discount.)

Have a wonderful day!



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