Comprehension Monitoring Bookmark + 2 Freebies!

Happy Wednesday – we are halfway there, folks!

Today I bring to you another classroom resource that I created for use in my tutorial sessions this semester. It’s important for readers to have strategies to use as they navigate a text on their own. With that in mind, I created bookmarks for the students to use as a reference as they read.

Comprehension Monitoring Bookmarks

The first side of the bookmark includes word-recognition strategies for students to use if they come to a word they don’t know as they read. It includes multiple strategies, so the student can use which one works best for them individually. From a teacher’s perspective, it is important to model how to use each of these strategies before the student can use them on their own.

Word Recognition Bookmark

The other side of the bookmark includes the comprehension monitoring strategies. This encourages students to stop and ask themselves as they read, “Does this make sense?” If it doesn’t, there is a list of strategies they can use to help them make sense of the text. Again, these strategies would need to be modeled before allowing the student to do them independently.

Comprehension Monitoring

I also created two comprehension graphic organizers as a bonus in this package. You can download the entire PDF at my TeachersPayTeachers store, or by clicking here: Comprehension & Word Recognition Bookmarks.

I appreciate any feedback or advice on my classroom resources – you can leave comments on my TpT store, or directly on my blog posts. Thanks in advance! 🙂



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