DIY Valentine

I was inspired this past weekend to create my own Valentine to give to some of my family members. While it is a bit of a cheesy holiday, I appreciate the opportunity to remind others around me how much I care about them. What better way to do so than this DIY Valentine card?


Here’s how I made it: I started with a cream-colored piece of scrapbook paper and folded it in half.


Next, I found a piece of white cardstock paper. I used this to create the miniature envelope on the front. I sketched out the outline of an envelope, and then cut it out. If you want, you can get mathematical and attempt to make it symmetrical. Otherwise, if you’re like me, you can just eyeball it and then keep trimming it until it’s the shape you want it to be.


Fold up the bottom flap first.


Then, work on the sides. Fold over the right side triangle, and then attach it to the bottom flap.


Do the same thing with the left side triangle.


I then folded the top flap down to give it a crease, and attached it to the card.


Next, I found different pieces of scrapbook paper with Valentine’s Day decorations on them.


I wanted to make a bunch of little hearts, so I used the old school method of folding the piece of paper in half, and drawing one-half of a heart.


I cut out some from each type of paper, and placed the hearts on the card where I wanted them.


Once I was happy with the layout, I attached them using Glue Dots.


Using a Painters pen, I wrote a message on the bottom to finish up the front cover.


And then, being the smart person I am, I decided to write a message on the inside. However, the impatience inside of me got the best of my Valentine’s Day card. Let’s pretend those smudges aren’t there, okay?


Oh well, it’s just for my mom and dad anyways – it’s the thought that counts. At least they’ll know it was handmade.

But there’s hope for you – you can recreate this card smudge-free! Don’t be like me. I wish you the best of luck.



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