My Weekly Web Finds

Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to another edition of my weekly web finds!

I start with this adorable fishtail bun. This is definitely something I will be trying soon!

Fishtail Bun

This tip for playing Pandora in the classroom: I enjoy having music on as much as possible, and it’s good to know which stations are school-friendly!

Teacher's Pandora

“A Long Way Down” I recently watched this movie (it’s on Netflix!) and I loved it. It takes a tough subject – suicide, and delivers a meaningful message.

A Long Way Down

German Chocolate Cookies – do these look like perfection or what?

German Chocolate Cookies

I’m not even sure if this punny Valentine is that funny. Clever? Yes. Funny? Questionable. 🙂


I came across these glitter booties and I sat right up in my chair. I’ll take three pairs, size 8, thank you.

Glitter Booties

This cheesy chicken spaghetti is made in the Crockpot – making it a winner for all categories in my book!

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

I end today’s post with this quote from Maya Angelou that I have always loved – it applies so well to my future career!

Maya Angelou

Until next time, friends!



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