Thrifty Thursday

For those of you who know me, you are well aware of my love for shopping. However, being a college girl, I also have to be realistic about what I should be spending my money on. With that said, I have become an expert in bargain shopping, and I’d like to share my tips with you for getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to high fashion at low prices. I’d like to start a “Thrifty Thursday” tradition and post current deals from my favorite stores once a week.

My number one tip for getting the best deals is to always do my homework before making a clothing purchase. It takes about 2.5 seconds to search online for “(fill-in-the-blank-here coupons)” and typically you’ll come up with a jackpot. I would also suggest simply going to the store website, and you can often see what deals are going on, as well as coupons you can print off and use in store.

I did my research for this week and here are some of the deals that I’ve found.*

Express: This store is my match made in fashion. Rarely do I go into the store and not come back out with at least something in my bag. This week they are featuring my favorite deal on jeans: Buy 1, Get 1 $29.90. On top of that, if you sign up for their emails, you’ll typically get coupons regularly that can be used in conjunction with this offer!

Old Navy: Right now, they are running a sale on their outerwear, jeans, and shirts at 40% off. You can also get 20% off on top of that by using the code SAVE or print it off for in store use. I have recently developed a stronger love for Old Navy and their ongoing deals like this is a big reason why!

Target: I love Target for many, many reasons, but mainly because the clothes are both cute and affordable. I always check out their clearance clothing, and right now you can get an additional 20% off clearance clothes using Target’s cartwheel app. You can download this on your phone or tablet, and then add the deal to your “cart” and use that at checkout. I always check out the many deals featured on Cartwheel before making a Target run.

I hope you can use these deals to obtain some high-quality fashion at a low price – my two favorite things. 🙂


*Note: I am not receiving sort of reimbursement for the advertisement of these stores. The opinions stated are simply my own.


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