Word Wall Worksheet: Classroom Freebie!

Hello friends! Well, we’ve officially made it halfway through the week. Today I am sharing with you another classroom resource that I created.

In my tutoring sessions, my student suggested that we have a word wall to keep track of the words she learns as we read during our sessions. Naturally, I was excited to have her giving me ideas to help increase her motivation to read! So, I created a personalized word wall worksheet. This packet includes four different recording pages for a student to keep track of new words. There is a space to write the word, as well as a box to draw a picture of the word. The intent of the picture box is to help students remember what their word means!

Word Wall

I have been using the word wall worksheet, and it works well with any reading lesson! Today we read Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss, and then she wanted to choose the word “Constantinople” to write on her word wall. (Because what a neat word, right?!) Even though this word is above her reading level, she was excited to have been able to sound it out, so I was more than happy to allow her to put it on her word wall sheet. It’s great to get students excited about what they’re learning!

Word Wall2

You can download a copy of the word wall worksheet on my TeachersPayTeachers store or by clicking here: Personalized Word Wall Worksheet.

Talk soon! And in the meantime:



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