Knitting the Basketweave Pattern

Happy Monday! Welcome to another crazy week, made all the better by my new blog? 😉

This fall, my dear, sweet roommate introduced me to knitting (bless her heart!) I took to it like any typical crafter would, and I am still trying to learn about it as much as possible. My close family members have embraced my new obsession, and the craft stores around thank me for the insane amounts of service I have given them. My room is filled with yarn and knitting needles, but the sight sure makes my heart happy.

I appreciate sharing this hobby with my seven roommates at college, and we are forever sharing our new and exciting knitting news. We sure know how to live the college life…

Over Christmas break, I took on my latest project and found a new pattern to use: The basketweave! This uses a combination of knitting and purling to create a pattern that looks like this:


For those of my readers who don’t knit, just ignore the following lingo and appreciate the photos. For my fellow knitters, here are the directions for creating this pattern:

  • Cast on in multiples of 10.
  • Row 1: K6, P4
  • Row 2: K4, P6
  • Row 3: K6, P4
  • Row 4: K4, P6
  • Row 5: K6, P4
  • Row 6: Knit whole row.
  • Row 7: P4, K6
  • Row 8: P6, K4
  • Row 9: P4, K6
  • Row 10: P6, K4
  • Row 11: P4, K6
  • Row 12: Knit whole row.

Continue in this pattern until you complete your project.


I hope this has brightened up your Monday! Here’s to a wonderful week.



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